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Lucia "Aine" De Carlo

Graduated from the Faculty of Art, Music and Entertaintment (DAMS) of Bologna, singer and actress, was born in Modena (Italy) in 1980. Also showing interest in singing since childhood, she started to study seriously at the age of 18 at the Music Academy "Alessandro Po" under the direction of the masters Alessandro Rinella, Claudio Pollachini e Alessandro Tampieri. She approched different singing styles as Musical, Power Metal and Lyric with Yva Barthélémy.

In 2009 she founded a celtic/folk musical group called Belthane of which she's still a singer and harpist.

In 2011 she released her first album -The Fairy's Love Songs- a collection of ten traditional tracks from Scotland, England and Ireland followed by another one in 2015 entitled The Light Of Yule/Racconto D'Inverno, focused on winter songs from northen Europe.

Since 2012 she has been studing the celtic harp, first with M° Antonella Pierucci at Scuola di Musica Popolare in Forlimpopoli, then with M° Katia Zunino and now with M° Marianne Gubri.

She attended stage and workshops in Italy and abroad with renowed harpists such as Myrdhim, Seana Deavy, Anne-Gaelle Cuif, Ralf Kleeman, Nadia Birkenstock, Dearbhail Finnegan, Grainne Hambly, Bill Taylor, Nicolaz Cadoret.

Since 2014 she regularly has been travelling to Ireland to study Gaelic singing and Lilting with Lorcan Mac Mathuna, Roisin Elsafty, Deirdree Scanlan e Siobhan O' Donnell. She's actually studing thin whistle.

In 2016 in addiction to Belthane, she founded another musical project called The Fairies Lullaby in collaboration with other musicians and focused on medieval, renaissance and celtic music. With both projects she performs in fantasy and celtic festivals, historical re-enactments, museums, reading and exhibitions.

From 2016 to 2017 she attended the experimental master in Harp Teraphy at the cultural association Arpamagica in Milan and always in 2017 she attended a workshop in Harp Teraphy with Christina Tourin organized by Arpeggi in Bologna


Parallel to the activity of musician and singer, in 2011 she graduated in acting and performing arts at Spazio Teatro Cyrano under the supervision of Giuseppe Radicia and she was chosen to act in advertising, movies, tv series, television programs and theatrical performances.


Currently, she organizes courses in Diction and Use of the Voice, Harp for beginners and Lectures on medieval and renaissance music.

Andree Bottiglioni

Percussionist, instrument maker and drone instructor, was born in Lüdenscheid (Germany) in 1966 and moved to Verona at the age of four.

In 2005 he approched irish music after being fascinated by the sounds of the bodhràn. He began to study it by himself and then taking lessons from musicians in Milan. At the same time, he partecipated assiduously in sessions around Ireland and Italy, playing with internationally renowed musicians and with local groups such as Inis Fail amd The Red Box.

In Ireland he attended workshop with Junior Daevy e John Joe Kelly, two of the greatest bodhràn player,  and  with Siobhan O' Donnell in Lilting.

He has collaborated and he still collaborates with various musical realities in Verona area and not like Belthane, an irish folk group from Modena active on the  scene since 2011, Anima Keltia and in 2017 he joined the musical project The Fairies Lullaby focused on celtic and ancient music with which partecipated in numerous festivals and re-enactments.

In 2018 he attended a harp making course on  Isle of Wight under the guidance of Sylvestre Charbin and after that he founded own label  named "Red Squirrell Instruments" specializing in the creation of ancient instruments like hurdy-gurdy, historical and traditional harps, etc... that he usually exhibites during concerts, educational conferences and re-enactment events.

Beside the  bodhràn, cajon and other  percussions he started to study theremin and hurdy-gurdy.


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