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The Fairies Lullaby

"The secret in singing is found between the vibrations in the singer's voice and the throb in hearer's heart"

(Khalil Gibran)

The Fairies Lullaby is a musical project created in 2016 from the mind of Lucia De Carlo who joined the passion for celtic and ancient music with the north european folklore.

The sound of the harp and the rithm of percussions accompany the voice, creating a magical atmosphere able to carry the listener through the green valleys of Ireland, Wales, England, Scotland, Galicia, Brittany and Scandinavian, lands of fairies and sprightly elves but also lands of heroes and fierce battles.

The reportoire ranges from ancient ballads of king and queen, stories of brave warlords, fairies who fell in love with humans to renaissance and medieval sacred and profane lyrics, according to the bardic custom of entertaining the public with evocative vibrations of the harp and the sweetness of the voice.

The Fairies Lullaby is a project and as such it avales itself of many collaborations with other artists and musicians.

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